Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Alex's Grumpy Bear & Have you filled a bucket today?

Last week we read about Grumpy Bear. This is Alex's Grumpy Bear and her great piece of writing.

After reading  Have you filled a bucket today?, we decided to make our own bucket and fill it with all the good things that we do everyday at home and at school. The children have  been working hard to get a note which we put into our bucket. If your child does something at home, please write it in their notebook and it will go into the bucket.  When we have filled our bucket we are going to get a surprise.


  1. ahhh the bucket...we have heard a lot about the bucket and filling it up this week! Looks great room 6!

  2. Room 6 are trying hard to be "bucket fillers". They are all so awesome I put something in their bucket this week! Keep being kind to others.


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